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SideShow Couture

Bizarrely Cute Jewelry & Vintage Clothing

11 September
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My name is Jennifer. I'm a Self Representing Artist and Seamstress. I Love to make anything cute or not so ordinary. I want to make lovely items for my customers that are of highest quality. Not only is it something I love doing it's something that will make the new owner proud to wear. All my Item are handmade with love. Finest Beads, Jewels, Real crystals, and various metals. Every item is Unique and one of a Kind so you have yourself a little piece of wearable art. Fancy that hehe^o^ I do custom orders of similar styles shown on the page. Just send me a ditty and I will do my best to help you create the perfect FrankenJewel for you.❤ ❥ EVERYTHING IS PIECED TOGETHER FROM DIFFERENT MEDIAS GIVING MY JEWELRY THE NAME FRANKENJEWELS here at SideShow Couture ❥

My daughter's are my greatest masterpieces and muses. I am a Professional seamstress, using this skill to reconstruct or create my visions of fashion.❥ All clothing I sell is wearable once you receive it unless stated which is very very rare. Just think when you get something vintage that's been revamped it's owning wearable art because that person put time & LOVE into creating a wearable masterpiece.❥ Just like my Jewelry I make I want my clothing to be Unique & totally Awesome!! I love things people normally find to be ugly. My motto is "live for yourself, If you love it Rock it to the fullest! You only live once!" There is always a way something can have an appeal to it, you just have to look at it right. Art has always been a part of my life. I am currently attending school to obtain the goal of becoming an art teacher myself. Antiquities to modern I try to compile into my work. Vintage and antique oddities, I love.