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Vintage Runway Bridal Fashion Week Dress   
12:05pm 05/01/2017
  I'm very proud to be able to attend & share a great piece of 1940's fashion. This 1940's Couture Jay Thorpe Dress has been with me for a long time. I finally decided to let it go to be seen on the runway once more in it's lifetime. Just a beauty to be seen with all the 3D floral details & magnificent train. Fashion lives on forever always repeating it's self.

New year   
11:46am 05/01/2017
mood: cheerful
Happy New Year 2017! I hope it's a great year.
SOLD Thank you gothic lolita wigs WTB or DT glws black Princess   
09:57pm 09/12/2013

SOLD gothic lolita wigs creme de la creme Godiva bangs 1 & 2 blonde mix ALL NEW
WTB or DT gothic lolita wigs BLACK PRINCESS read cut please

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Gothic lolita Wigs DS for sale   
11:12am 26/07/2013

Magenta mayhem short vs. $45 shipped US
Never worn except on a mannequin head for display proof

Gothic lolita wigs rockstar wigs Godiva in platinum NWT sold out $55 shipped US proof

Gothic lolita wigs princess masako in Black NWT  shipped US proof Sold

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Rhapsody gothic lolita wigs custom permanent dye   
12:44pm 13/05/2013

The light reflected odd in the last photo.

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New EGL Kawaii Bows With Decora and Pastel Decora Bracelets    
04:31pm 26/02/2013
Kawaii Jewels and Bows   
09:57pm 04/01/2013
mood: flirty

Visit my Etsy Shop and check out my facebook for other items not in my Shop<3
04:01pm 04/01/2013
mood: anxious
My Feedback for EGL sales
My Feedback For EGL Sales
WTB or trade   
11:19pm 03/01/2013
mood: lovey

WTB Unico in BloomlandCollapse )

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06:51pm 02/01/2013
mood: grateful
I always loved the Gothic Culture since the late 80's involving industrial chic to obscure. Then emerged Lolita when I first Saw Malice Mizer with Mana leading me to find Gothic Lolita Bible. I've been in Lolita Since early 2002. I haven't really gotten brand items of Lolita just hand making my own. Ive always loved fashion and art of all kinds. I love to make cute or bizarre stuff to wear. I sell on etsy.com as shop sideshowcouture. I do occasionally upload to youtube under Filthycoffin.

Anyways, nice to meet you :D !
New stuff in the making   
06:12pm 02/01/2013
mood: artistic
sideshow couture
New Year So time for New stuff!!
Bows by sideshow couture   
05:14pm 29/12/2012

Bows handmade by sideshow couture

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12:32pm 29/12/2012

Looking for Angelic Pretty Cat TeaParty in Pink

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Kawaii cake rings   
11:44am 29/12/2012

New cakes & candies filigree rings for sale $7.00 shipped US $9.00 WW

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Featured on Gothic Lolita Wigs   
09:28am 25/12/2012
  gothiclolitawigs sideshowcouturehttp://blog.gothiclolitawigs.com/
My bows and review of my shop on gothiclolitawigs.com Here Lovely Rubi Kayobi is wearing tons of my handmade bows and Kawaii Owl necklace! Shes so gorgeous!!
New to livejournal   
09:18am 25/12/2012
  Holly and Jim Balent  
FrankenJewels By Sideshow Couture   
12:26pm 24/12/2012
mood: artistic
Cute Lolita and Kawaii accessories all handmade. Cuteness for the Lolita on a budget<3 Featured artist on
Gothic Lolita Wigs .com. All are one of a kind. Tons of new stuff in my etsy shop coming soon!